Our Jewish traditions and history have molded many of our core family values.

Grace before meals

Before each meal, we take a moment together to say thanks. This consists of singing the HaMotzi blessing in Hebrew and English.

Friday night Shabbat

We practice self-reflection and an appreciation for our surroundings at Friday night Shabbat services which include prayers, the lighting of the candles and a traditional Shabbat meal including delicious homebaked Challah bread. After dinner, we gather together to sing, share stories and read the 23rd Psalm, a tradition that dates back to the beginning of Tamakwa’s history.

Tzedakah (Charity)

Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for “charity” and an important part of Tamakwa’s core values is always helping others. Our programming ultimately teaches campers how to put others around them first. We’re proud of our Tamakwans who learn not just how to swim or sail, but how to make the world a better place.

As an organization, we proudly support the Amici Charity, which sends children to camp who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in this incredible experience. We also provide financial support to families that require assistance.