May 12, 2014

Tamakwa Stays Green

One of the many sayings from founder Unca Lou we still adhere to at Camp Tamakwa is to “leave your campsite better than you found it”.

Whether you take this saying for its literal sense and make sure you take away all garbage, even that which is not your own, from your canoe trip or cookout site, or whether you take that extra bit of energy to stop walking and bend down to pick up a piece of a tuck wrapper lying in the bushes or even a coffee cup blowing around a city sidewalk, you are helping make this world a cleaner place.

Camp Tamakwa is passionate about preserving our environment, keeping Tamakwa clean and helping our environment in many different ways. Our campers and staff work each day to do their own part. We turn off cabin lights when leaving a building. We recycle letters, cartons, and boxes as much as possible. We take only the amount of food we eat and try not to waste and we also use only biodegradable shampoos in our gorgeous lake. We are proud of the steps we take to do our part and we hope the values learned at Tamakwa extend well into everyone’s city life.

So, while city folks will be sitting in traffic at 5pm for the commute home from work, we Tamakwans will be jumping in the lake for a refreshing wash before dinner with our 100% biodegradable products!

Please, don’t sideline your campers from joining in on the fun. Review the list below and ensure your camper arrives at camp with Tamakwa safe, 100% biodegradable body care products.

YES – (but please still check the labels)
Trader Joe’s Refresh
Kiss My Face
Original Sprout
Desert Essence Organics
Green Beaver
Body Shop Rainforest
Hair Rules
Camp Suds
Graydon All Over Soap & Shampoo
Carina Organics

Herbal Essence

If you find others to add to our list, please email, post on Facebook, post on Instagram, Tweet or any other fun way you want to keep Tamakwans in the know!

Happy packing!

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