May 27, 2014

Not to be Nit Picky, but

Ok, so we have shared lots of fun details like what sort of shampoo to buy, what you need to label (that one was easy, you need to label EVERYTHING) and what sort of beautiful stationary you should be sending with your campers (our postage machine doesn’t like dark envelopes!).

Well, no one really WANTS to talk about lice but we all NEED to talk about lice. Lice are not a health threat, but they are a bit of a nuisance. While any camper with lice should not feel embarrassed or ostracized, Tamakwa is eager to do everything possible to prevent the presence of lice at camp.

We believe we go above and beyond many other camps in our screening of lice. If and when it is found, our lice protocol is highly effective at ridding campers of lice. BUT, there is no doubt the best way to keep lice out of camp is to make sure no one arrives at camp with it to begin with. As we have stated in the Health Issues section of our Green Book Parent/Camper Manual, we insist you do the following:

1) Head checks of your camper(s) should have started already and should continue every few days until camp begins.

2) If you find lice, treat it immediately and appropriately.

3) Please inform us before your camper’s arrival if lice were detected & how it was treated.

4) Check again every few days until the camp session begins and treat it again when necessary.

You MUST let us know if your camper has had lice just before camp.

In an attempt at preventing any lice at camp, Tamakwa has taken several steps to check all campers and staff. We are once again paying professional lice-checkers to come to our baggage drop off locations prior to the start of camp. In addition to this pre-camp screening, we will also have professional lice-checks for every camper and staff on the first full day of camp. If any lice is found, we will immediately and aggressively treat. Similar to schools that do not permit students to return to class if they have lice, we reserve the right to possibly send campers home, especially those with extreme cases of lice that we cannot successfully treat at camp or those who continuously arrive at camp with lice each summer. They can return when the lice has been successfully treated and eliminated.

Please do your part in keeping lice out of camp and avoid this nuisance which takes your campers away from activities and possibly canoe trips and other amazing special camp events.

The following services are available to help you effectively search for lice and treat lice at your homes:


Our Michigan baggage checks and our at camp checks will be performed by Lice Sisters, operated by Tamakwa mom Elyse Kolender. For more information call 248-229-5424, email, or surf


Our Toronto baggage checks will be performed by LiceCrew. For more information call 416-781-4545 or surf

If you live outside of these two cities and would like to share other great companies you have found in your area, please feel free to let us know and we will gladly pass along to our families in the area.

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