Apr 19, 2016

CIT Banquet

The end of summer CIT Banquet is an exciting event for all Tamakwans. Activity awards are presented, speeches are made and fun is had by all!

For many, the most exciting part of the evening is the first steps into the dining hall.

Throughout the summer, in complete secrecy, the CIT’s (Counsellors in Training) work tirelessly to create a theme and decorations to transform the dining hall.

The CITs of 2015 did an amazing job transforming Tamakwa into Neverland… we can only imagine what the CITs of 2016 and Mikey Davidson will create!

What was your favourite banquet theme? Do you have a favourite photo? Share it today! Share your photo on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday. We will be reposting them throughout the day. Happy posting!

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