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Advice for First-Time Parents and Campers

Help! We’ve Got Kids is a Canadian online directory for parents and caregivers offering a one-stop shop for activities, events and products for kids and families. For a recent article, they reached out to Camp Directors from across Canada for advice on getting ready for camp.

Safe Risks and Why They are Important

Risk is defined in the dictionary as “the exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance.” But is there such thing as a safe risk? And why do we encourage campers to take them?

The Fight for Nature

December 6th, 2016 inShare We all know I am a Camp Director, a mom, a health food advocate, a Tamakwa alumni and obviously a huge advocate for summer camp living.

Tamakwa to Roots to Order of Canada

We always take great pleasure and pride in hearing about the achievements of current and former Tamakwans. It’s amazing what they’ve collectively contributed to this world in every field of endeavour over the past 80 years.

Golden Day on Golden Ave!

It’s a always a Golden Day on Golden Ave in the West End of Toronto. If you find yourself near Roncesvalles and Dundas, be sure to wander over to Golden Avenue.

Happy Earth Day

A Journey Like No Other

Do you remember your very first canoe trip? While many Tamakwans experience their first canoe trip as a Junior Tamakwan, for our international campers and staff this first trip often happens later in life.

99 Days and Counting

March 21, 2016 marked the official 100 day countdown to Arrival Day for #Tamakwa2016. Excitement was in the air yesterday as Tamakwans from around the world inundated cyber space with their enthusiasm about the 100 day mark!

Silver Days

When the sun is shining, we call it a Golden Day. When it rains, we call it a Silver Day. With Spring upon us here in Toronto we are expecting a lot of rainy days.

Stronger, More Independent and Outgoing

When we receive emails like this, we are reminded there is so much more to learn at camp than sterning a canoe! (which all Tamakwans learn to do as well…)

Tamakwans Lend Helping Hand

Each time we wave goodbye to a fleet of aluminum Tamakwa canoes we hope for many things.

No Parents, No Make-up, No Worries

In today’s world of social media, gym selfies, and cyber bullying, very rarely do we hear positive things about kids using social media.

Let the Countdowns Begin!

As the leaves of Algonquin Park change colour and then fall to the ground and the piles of lost and found are slowly being depleted from both camp offices, the feeling that summer is really over sinks in

Time to Get Outside!

There are many hot topics and key trends that emerge in society over the years and encourage parents to take a step back and evaluate the choices they are making for their children.

Back to Camp Season

The leaves are turning colour, there is a cool breeze in the air, kids are back at school and parents are planning for…….. summer camp?

Tamakwa Food Policy Reminder

WE ARE A PEANUT/NUT AWARE CAMP. DO NOT PACK ANY SUCH PRODUCTS FOR THE BUS RIDE TO CAMP. When putting the final touches on packing a few snacks for your campers ride up to camp, there are a few simple and straightforward policies which are in place for the safety of our campers and staff.

Not to be Nit Picky, but

Ok, so we have shared lots of fun details like what sort of shampoo to buy, what you need to label (that one was easy, you need to label EVERYTHING) and what sort of beautiful stationary you should be sending with your campers (our postage machine doesn’t like dark envelopes!).

Camp Mail for Everyone!

To Do lists are growing, labeling has likely begun and if you are really a go-getter, maybe you have even started writing a few letters and stashing them away until your kids hit the road.

What You Really Need To Do

We hope you have taken some time to review our Green Book Camper/Parent Manual. We know there is a lot of information to digest but we promise you, it’s worth taking the half hour to read through everything.

Tamakwa for a Day!

The Tamakwa Teaser is a small taste (ok, maybe more like an itty bitty taste) of what residential summer camp is all about. Yup, it’s just one day in glorious Algonquin Park but we promise that, it’s a great, jam-packed day.

Tamakwa Stays Green

One of the many sayings from founder Unca Lou we still adhere to at Camp Tamakwa is to “leave your campsite better than you found it”.

My “Mom View”

When you ask campers and staff who have spent a summer at Tamakwa what makes us different, one of the most popular answers is always, THE PEOPLE!

The little Blog that could…

Food blogs, health blogs, workout blogs, home decor blogs, parenting blogs; there is no limit to what you can blog about or what already exists out in the incredible world of cyberspace.

Happy Holidays!

Here are some well wishes from everyone at Tamakwa!

Cinch Bag Mania is here…

The Tamakwa Cinch Bag craze has hit Michigan and is about to spread around the world!

Why Businesses Should Hire Former Camp Counselors

Perfect timing for an article on why camp counselors get jobs outside of camp when they’re ready.

Summer Camp Spurs Positive Growth in Youth

In case you missed it, here’s a great article on the growth of kids at summer camp in the Epoch Times.

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