Mar 12, 2018

70th Birthday Canoe Trip Reunion

In the spring of 2017, the Camp Tamakwa office was contacted by alumni Richard Kohn. Richard, who was a Tamakwa camper in the 1950s, met some of his best friends at camp, and they remain best friends all these years later.

In his email, Richard explained that for 30+ years after camp ended, he and his camp friends would return to Algonquin Park every year to go on a canoe trip, and this year, to celebrate turning 70 years old, they decided to reunite and go camping again!

It only seemed fitting to do such an adventure sporting their Tamakwa T-shirts.

When Richard called our office asking for some new t-shirts, we were thrilled to send along a little Tamakwa goodness!

We just received this email from Richard and thought we would share it with you, our Tamakwa Family.

To Richard and friends, we hope to see you at camp this fall, and hope that you will sport your new shirts with pride on Tamakwa T-shirt Day, wherever you are.


Hello Andrea.

I hope you are well, and enjoying winter season in Ontario.

I spoke to you last summer about our “Algonquin Canoe Trippers Reunion”.

We had our reunion in Asheville, North Carolina in July 2017, graciously hosted by Bob and Carol Deutsch who live in Asheville.

We were excited to celebrate our lifelong friendship, and our 70th birthdays. We even had time to take a canoe “river” trip while in Asheville.

As longtime friends, in August 1982, we re-kindled our love for tripping in Algonquin, and started a new annual tradition that continues today, 35 years later.

Annually in late August, we meet in Toronto, and travel in a van together to Algonquin, where we spend a week tripping, laughing and sharing life stories and experiences, surrounded by the beauty of Algonquin. We then scatted back to our “normal” lives, renewed by our recent times together, and anxiously looking forward to our next annual adventure.

I have attached several pictures taken during the weekend, when we were all wearing the Tamakwa T-shirts that you so kindly sent to me.

Pictured, Left to right:

Front Row: Ken Foon, Selden Skelly, Ron Foon

Back Row : Bob Deutsch, Richard Kohn

The Tamakwa T-shirts were a great addition to the weekend, and we all thank you very much for sending them to us.

We all send our best regards, and a very warm thanks.

Richard Kohn

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Deciding to send your children away for the summer can be difficult. Choosing the right summer camp for your family is incredibly challenging. As Camp Directors, we eat, sleep and breathe Tamakwa and passionately believe that sending your children to spend a summer with us will positively change their lives forever. We could (and sometimes we have) talked to you about camp for hours. But, we want this column to be written by our alumni, campers, staff and parents, to be shared with prospective families to help them make the choice if Tamakwa is right for them. There is nothing more valuable than real stories and lasting memories shared by you.

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