Apr 12, 2017

Advice for First-Time Parents and Campers

Help! We’ve Got Kids is a Canadian online directory for parents and caregivers offering a one-stop shop for activities, events and products for kids and families. For a recent article, they reached out to Camp Directors from across Canada for advice on getting ready for camp.

For any first-time campers that might be a little nervous about going away, just remember two things:

1. You are not alone. Being a bit nervous is totally normally and chances are, there are a lot of new campers, and even quite a few returning campers, who get a bit nervous as camp approaches. Of course, you should be excited about the adventure and fun that awaits, but if sometimes you also get a bit scared, that’s OK too. It doesn’t mean you should turn and run and cancel your plans of going to camp.

Pushing past those butterflies is exactly what camp is about. Pushing yourself a little outside your comfort zone, doing something new and exciting and, yes, a little scary, is exactly what makes you a stronger person. Once you get there and start having fun, you will be so proud of not only going to camp, but doing it without your parents beside you!

2. Bring a taste of home. Camp is an incredible adventure filled with non-stop fun. You get the freedom to play outside all day without your parents telling you what to do (listening to your counselor is way better than listening to your parents) and you get to play with old friends and hopefully lots of new ones in the process.

But, just because you are having an awesome time at camp, doesn’t mean you might not miss home from time to time. So, make sure you bring a picture or two and lots of writing materials. Writing letters home is a great way to reflect on all the fun you are having at camp and also make you feel like your parents are listening right beside you!

Click Here to read the full article and see what the other directors have to say!

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