Jan 12, 2017

Breaking News!

Below is the exciting news we shared with all Tamakwans on Saturday, January 7, 2017: Dear Tamakwa Family, Earlier today in Los Angeles, at the annual West Coast reunion of current and former Tamakwans, we announced an exciting new development…

Dear Tamakwa Family,

Earlier today in Los Angeles, at the annual West Coast reunion of current and former Tamakwans, we announced an exciting new development in the life of Tamakwa which we want to share with all of you.

Effective immediately, one of the great Tamakwa alumni and Algonquin Park stewards of all time, Michael Budman, is becoming the majority owner of Tamakwa. We’re thrilled to have someone of his caliber, orientation and successful business career helping lead camp forward. Anyone who knows Michael knows of his boundless love for Tamakwa and Algonquin Park, both of which have played a seminal role in his life.

Michael first set foot on the sunny shores of South Tea in 1956, spending 13 summers there as a camper and staff member including Boys Camp Section Head. In some ways, he never really left. He’s often said Tamakwa was the inspiration behind Roots Canada, the hugely popular lifestyle brand he co-founded with fellow Tamakwan Don Green in 1973. In 1968, Michael acquired a cabin on Smoke Lake, not far from Tamakwa, which is still very much part of his reality.

Michael brings so much to the table, starting with his profound knowledge of Tamakwa and his passion for the outdoors. A strong advocate of camp’s lasting benefits for children, he’s committed to investing in upgrading and expanding Tamakwa’s infrastructure, activity facilities and programming.

This is a significant gain for Tamakwa’s future. While respecting the continuity of Tamakwa and building on the legacy of Lou Handler and Omer Stringer, Michael will help us forge ahead with exciting plans. They’re based on the vision that has always governed Tamakwa − a children’s village that celebrates nature (free of cell phones), a love of the unspoiled outdoors, canoe tripping adventures, health, fitness and athletic endeavours, and unique creative programs, all of which have forged lifelong friendships and inter-generational memories while making Tamakwa such a magical experience.

Michael asked us to include the following statement from him: “I’m looking forward to working with Margot, Craig and Vic to continue the terrific job they’ve done at Tamakwa. I’m glad that Craig and Margot will continue on as Camp Directors and share in the ownership of camp while Vic will continue in his historical role as Senior Director.”

For our part, we warmly welcome Michael to the pivotal role he’ll be playing in Tamakwa’s future.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be telling you more about the great things on the horizon of South Tea Lake and the most strikingly beautiful camp site in Algonquin Park.

For now, we wish everybody a wonderful 2017!

Vic, Craig & Margot

P.S. Soon we’ll all be sitting together on the Slope again, but it might look a bit different than this: (but just as beautiful!)

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