Nov 10, 2016

Golden Day on Golden Ave!

It’s a always a Golden Day on Golden Ave in the West End of Toronto. If you find yourself near Roncesvalles and Dundas, be sure to wander over to Golden Avenue.

Golden’s mini banana cupcakes were a huge hit at #TamakwaWinterfest this past year and a great healthier alternative to the previous year’s beaver chocolate cupcakes.

At the other end of town, Creeds Coffee Bar has opened up shop. While they are still one of the top rated dry cleaners in town, they now also sell coffee, salads, Greenhouse Juice Co juices, and a few other local treats… including Golden’s banana bread.

So why are we so excited by all these shops and partnerships?

Golden Ave is owned and operated by Rochelle Basen (sister of current full-time Tamakwan Andrea Basen and cousin of alumni Jenny and Ally Basen).

Creed Coffee Bar is owned and operated by Tamakwan Jonah Creed (relative of many Tamakwans including siblings Jeremy, Joanna & Jenny Creed, as well as cousins Emily, Brandon, Jesse and Matthew Creed… and Jared, Caroline and Samantha Florence… and Dylan, Skye, Maxie and Oliver Optican… and of course current Tamakwan Lily Creed)

and Greenhouse Juice Co is owned by alumni Anthony and Sophie Green (siblings of alumni Don Green)

So many great Tamakwa families working together to spread healthy food across Toronto!

Hey Tamakwans, Margot has some great ideas brewing for the summer, what healthy treats do you love and want to see at camp this summer?

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