May 3, 2016

Colour / Color War

While the spelling of Colour/ Color will always be a point of contention with our mix of Canadian and American Tamakwans, there is no question that the fun and excitement surrounding the last few days of camp is worth the wait!

Colour war is AWESOME…. and it’s happening this summer!

Never experienced it before? Check out these videos…

1) #Tamakwa2016 Colour War Trailer video released this weekend

2) 2015 Online Scrapbook Colour War videos page

2) Special Programs from 2015 highlight reel

Have you experienced Colour War before? Share your favourite photo today!

Do you have a favourite photo from Colour War? Share your photo on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday and #TamakwaSpirit.

We will be reposting them throughout the day. Happy posting!

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