Apr 6, 2016

Robbie Who?

Yes, we are turning to our many alumni to help answer this question! This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions and guess what? We actually don’t know the answer. Who is Robbie’s Point named after?

We’ve consulted a few of our trusted camp historians and even they don’t know the reason.

So Tamakwa, can any of you answer this much requested piece of Tamakwa trivia?

Curious minds need to know!!!

Email your answer to howhow@tamakwa.com

There are many aspects of Tamakwa that are special and quirky and often Tamakwans (new and old) find themselves wondering “What’s up with that?” After this summer’s SNL video “What is this?”, staring Rachel “Drama” Manson and Joeley Pulver, our newest blog segment was born!

If you think of anything that makes you think “What’s Up With That?”, please email them to us at howhow@tamakwa.com and we might just answer them on a future blog!

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