Mar 30, 2016

The Tuck Shop: Part Two!

We are loving the feedback from our “What’s Up With That” column and have even received a few interesting follow up facts to some of our recently published posts.

While the Tuck Shop is definitely one of the older buildings at camp, it was actually built in 1954.

The Dining Hall however dates back to 1937, same fireplace and all!

In my day as a camper the tuck shop was first and foremost the library. Unca Lou brought boxes of books on loan from the Detroit public library and believe it or not, campers were encouraged to sign out books for Rest Hour. At summer’s end the books were boxed up and returned to the Detroit library. I remember the big wooden crates they came in. That may have gone on into early 70’s. Not sure.

And of course the Tuck Shop had the two mail drop boxes: one opening for USA mail, the other Canadian.

We did away with the TWO box system in the 80’s I think.

There are many aspects of Tamakwa that are special and quirky and often Tamakwans (new and old) find themselves wondering “What’s up with that?” After this summer’s SNL video “What is this?”, staring Rachel “Drama” Manson and Joeley Pulver, our newest blog segment was born!

If you think of anything that makes you think “What’s Up With That?”, please email them to us at and we might just answer them on a future blog!

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