Mar 22, 2016

99 Days and Counting

March 21, 2016 marked the official 100 day countdown to Arrival Day for #Tamakwa2016. Excitement was in the air yesterday as Tamakwans from around the world inundated cyber space with their enthusiasm about the 100 day mark!

We LOVED seeing all those posts!

While we have done our best to like and share them all, if we missed yours, please be sure to tag @camptamakwa or use the hashtag #Tamakwa2016 so we can continue to share them today!!

Happy #TamakwaTuesday!

99 days until camp is also worth celebrating… share your favourite camp photo today!

Did you share your photo yesterday and we missed it? Did you forget and want to celebrate 99 days until camp? Share your photo on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday. We will be reposting them throughout the day. Happy posting!

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