Mar 8, 2016

Challenge By Choice

At Tamakwa, particularly at the Ropes Course, we follow the ‘Challenge by Choice’ principle. Campers learn to set goals and work towards achieving them.

We know that success looks different for each camper, so with this model each camper sets their own goal and works towards achieving it.

While we encourage each camper to set goals that require them to step outside their comfort zone, everyone is responsible for setting their own bar.

Weather it be on the climbing wall, a high ropes element or the zip line, each child has the ability to choose how far they want to go. No matter the choice they make, they always have the support and encouragement of the other participants and staff.

This model teaches the value of encouragement, and setting personal boundaries and goals.

What have you done at camp that has challenged you? Share your story today!

Did you step out of your comfort zone at camp? Share your story on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday. We will be reposting them throughout the day. Happy posting!
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