Feb 2, 2016

Another Winterfest Successfest

While #TamakwaWinterfest was missing some snow, it was certainly a wonderful spring-like afternoon filled with skating, tobogganing, foods, drinks, ice dancing, skating races and much more!

A huge How!How! and thank you to all the amazing families who made the afternoon such a success and an extra big thank you to the following people, without whom the day would not have been so great;

First and foremost thanks to Michael Budman and Diane Bald for being such incredible hosts once again. We are so fortunate to have such incredible Tamakwa ambassadors and could not ask for a better venue.

Thank you to the Budman Garden Rink crew. Tobogganing in Toronto has been restricted to only a few days this winter… but thanks to the hard working crew we had the hill up and running and a perfect rink to skate and play on.

Thank you for all the delicious food! We had healthy treats from Sweets from the Earth, Matt’s Munchies, Enjoy Life, Golden Ave Cafe.

Thank you to Harlan from Superfly Entertainment. Everyone had a blast on the ice with your great music!

Thank you to our Staff and CITs who helped set-up, supervise and clean-up afterwards.

Thank you Wakonda for the beautiful golden day. While the original forecast called for rain and clouds, Wakonda brought us warm weather, blue skies and sun!

And, again, thank you to all the Tamakwans who came from near and far to make Winterfest so special!

We have many amazing photos and will post an album online soon! Stay tuned!

Happy #TamakwaTuesday

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