Jan 28, 2016

Through the Dirt and Grime, He Shines!

The following is our next installment of “Tamakwans Talk” (see the bottom for a brief explanation) written by a camp mom a few summers ago that we recently rediscovered. Happy reading !!

Dear Vic, Craig and Margot,

How can I make this letter of gratitude different than the hundreds of letters you have probably received in the past? How can I put into words the love I feel towards you, your staff and your program?

I don’t have the ability to express all that I am feeling about Tamakwa but I will just do my best….

My son is 8. Newly 8 and just completed his second summer in the infamous and not so glamorous cabin Forester 1.

He is radiant. He is glowing. Through the dirt, and grime and million mosquito scabs he shines. He more than just loved his summer, he appreciated it. He (as I have said before) “gets it”. He had the opportunity second month to finally steal the spotlight that is usually shining on his older brother and I really believe he ran with it.

I can’t take the credit for him staying- it was he who had the smarts to go with it and I’m pretty sure this experience changed him (for the better) and for that I am so so proud.

I know that by weeks’ end, I will probably want to send him back; but I will patiently wait until next summer and remind him throughout the year what a lucky guy he is to understand the gift of summers at camp.

-Ellory Zamler

Tamakwans Talk” was created to give Tamakwans a chance to share how Tamakwa has affected their lives (or the lives of their children).

Deciding to send your children away for the summer can be difficult. Choosing the right summer camp for your family is incredibly challenging. As Camp Directors, we eat, sleep and breathe Tamakwa and passionately believe that sending your children to spend a summer with us will positively change their lives forever. We could (and sometimes we have) talked to you about camp for hours. But, we want this column to be written by our alumni, campers, staff and parents, to be shared with prospective families to help them make the choice if Tamakwa is right for them. There is nothing more valuable than real stories and lasting memories shared by you.

Please email us at howhow@tamakwa.com and share today!

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