Jan 20, 2016

Making the Right Call

The 2016 Tamakwa staff team is shaping up to be one for the record books! With many familiar faces, and many new ones as well, we are very excited for the upcoming summer season.

While it is easy for many Tamakwans to make the choice to return to the shores for another summer, some are slower to decide. We hope that this week’s blog “Working at Camp Is a Real Job” helped you make your decision to return much easier… and if it didn’t, perhaps the words of veteran Tamakwa tripper Laura Beamish will help!

Enjoy this week’s Echoes from the Echo from 2011:

Last December, my mind was made up. For the first time in 13 years, I wasn’t planning to return to camp. It was a difficult decision as more than half my life until then had revolved around being up north with my friends in the summer. Although only three of those years were spent at Tamakwa, I had come to think of it as my second home.

As the months dragged on, I remained confident in my decision despite a small but persistent feeling of doubt. As the frigid Kingston, Ontario winter thawed into spring, my thoughts began to drift to my upcoming summer plans. I had intended to once again head to northern Ontario for two months. But this time I was going to spend my summer planting trees and traveling with my sister. As May quickly turned into June, that small feeling of doubt had grown into a pretty large cloud hanging over my head.

I couldn’t imagine spending the summer anywhere else but at Tamakwa. After some deep soul searching and restless nights, I knew I had to be back at camp despite my other plans. It was the best decision I could have made.

This was my fourth summer as a tripper at Tamakwa and it proved particularly memorable. After all my indecision, within just a few days at camp I knew I had made the right choice. This summer, I led the first-month girls 15-day trip with a group I’ve been taking on trip since I started working at Tamakwa. Having watched these girls grow into young ladies, it was wonderful to see them work together and push themselves through the various challenges of the trip. It was also incredible to see the amount of growth and maturity they have undergone in just four short years. From pioneers at the Brent store to JSGs at Achray campground to Senior girls finishing the 6K (before the boys, might I add), these ladies have accomplished so much.

I would like to think that the experiences we have on canoe trips contribute to this evolution in a way that a year at school cannot.

During my time at camp as a tripper, I’ve met some incredible people with whom I have developed strong and enduring friendships. I’ve been fortunate to take out all of the long trips offered at Tamakwa and this accomplishment is made all the more special because I’ve been able to share it, in one facet or another, with the same wonderful group of girls

The South Tea Echo is our annual Newspaper featuring articles from Campers, Staff and Alumni! Click here to see the full list of publications. This particular article is from the 2011 edition.

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