Jan 19, 2016

Get Outside, and Snap a Selfie!

Yesterday was #BlueMonday. It was cold in the city… and it was even colder on the Sunny/Snowy shores of South Tea. Our winter team has been braving the cold up north and taking some awesome photos for us all to enjoy… and it’s pretty cold up there!

If Jared can get outside and have some fun, so can we!

So grab your #TamakwaToque and show your #TamakwaSpirit today… outside!

Happy #TamakwaTuesday!

*** note all Tamakwans in sunny locations grab your #TamakwaTshirts… we will try not to be too jealous!***

Share your outside selfie today on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday and we will repost them throughout the day. Happy posting
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