Jan 15, 2016

Exchange Rate Excitement

The current US/CDN exchange rate hasn’t been at this level in years and it’s making headlines across North America. For families in the United States, Camp Tamakwa can almost be considered a bargain, relatively speaking!

We are providing a unique and incredible overnight summer camp experience and we are thrilled that our loyal American families, and new/prospective families, are able to take full advantage of this current situation. We look forward to Summer 2016!!

Using the recent exchange rate of $1.40, here are a few examples:

Grades 1-3 – First Session: $4,975 CDN = $3,555 US

Grades 1-3 – Second Session: $4,275 CDN = $3,055 US

Grades 4-9 – First Session: $5,775 CDN = $4,125 US

Grades 4-9 – Second Session: $4,975 CDN = $3,555 US

Grades 4-9 – Full Summer: $8,975 CDN = $6,410 US

Grade 10 – CIT Summer: $7,575 CDN = $5,410 US

Click Here for our complete Dates and Fees page, listed in Canadian dollars.

Click Here to see our Introductory Sessions page for new families which includes our 1-Day Tamakwa Teaser, our Weekend Mini-Session and our 2-week Junior Tamakwan session.

Click Here to visit our Family Camp 2016 page.

Click Here to watch the fluctuation of the exchange rate on Wall Street, but keep in mind the rates we receive at our bank or by using an American credit card is usually 2-5% lower, but still!

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