May 13, 2015

Tackling Your `To Do` List

We hope you have taken some time to review our Green Book Camper/Parent Manual. We know there is a lot of information to digest but we promise you, it’s worth taking the half hour to read through everything.

Some highlights include transportation information, packing lists (including what TO bring to camp and what NOT TO bring to camp), visiting day info and important medical matters.

Our recent Green Book mailing included a Registration Checklist summarizing which forms/documents/information are still required prior to the start of camp.

The following forms/information must be submitted via our online Parent Portal:

Online Camper Medical Form: As we mentioned in our email, the Camper Medical Form is one of the most important pieces of information needed for the safety and well-being of your camper. We are committed to making things as easy as possible for our parents and we are certain you will love the ease of completing and submitting your campers Camper Medical Forms online! You simply log-in with the same username and password you created at time of registration. If you forget these codes, simply call Margot at 416-924-7433. In less than 15 minutes you can complete the form and submit it directly to our office. No doctor’s appointment necessary, just a few clicks and you are done!

Online Camper Questionnaire: This is the place to share anything you’d like our Section Heads and counselors to know about your camper in advance of camp. Even if your camper has been with us for 5+ years, he/she may have a new counselor who isn’t as familiar with your camper as our Camp Directors. Please take the time to share goals, challenges, concerns, etc for your camper.

Vegetarian Form: In addition to our regular camp meal, we offer two vegetarian options. One for those that eat no meat or fish of any kind (Full Vegetarian) and one for those that eat chicken but no red meat (Chicken Only Vegetarian). Please complete this section in the Parent Portal only if you wish your camper to be added to one of these two lists.

Also in this package are other important camper forms which can be submitted. These forms are:

Parent Workshop: This is your chance to help us plan for pre-camp. If you have any topics you wish us to discuss with our staff, please feel free to share any thoughts/ideas on this form.

Border Authorization: This is only applicable for campers who are arriving to camp from outside Canada.

Please Click Here to access our Parent Portal to fill out many of our required forms.

If you have any questions regarding any part of our Green Book mailing please feel free to call either office. Otherwise, forms are due May 15th, so please don’t delay any further, complete them today!!

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