Dec 3, 2015

Our Boys

The following is our first installment of “Tamakwans Talk” (see the bottom for a brief explanation) written by a camp mom at the end of the summer. Happy reading !!

To Vic, Craig and Margot:

We are driving up north with our kids and I just felt the need to tell you what a fantastic summer they both had. They have been home for 10 days and each evening is filled with tales from Tamakwa! A cabinmate was over yesterday and the boys were laughing every other minute about something that happened at camp. My younger son who had a rough start last summer, had the most incredible time at camp and asks me every day if he can stay for 8 weeks next year.

I was not a Tamakwa girl growing up. I went to another camp and my husband’s family couldn’t afford to send him to camp. I loved my days at camp, but always came home to my best friend talking about Tamakwa ad nausea (she still does). I knew all of the Tamakwa songs without even being a camper and I stole my friend’s Beaver Canoe sweatshirt. I should have known I was missing something really special, but was too afraid to leave my hair blower at home!

I wanted to thank you and all of the Head Staff at camp for taking such good care of my kids and giving them experiences of a lifetime. They are our most prized possessions, and we could not feel more comfortable with them so far away from home. We appreciate you all!

Tamakwans Talk” was created to give Tamakwans a chance to share how Tamakwa has affected their lives (or the lives of their children).

Deciding to send your children away for the summer can be difficult. Choosing the right summer camp for your family is incredibly challenging. As Camp Directors, we eat, sleep and breatheTamakwa and passionately believe that sending your children to spend a summer with us will positively change their lives forever. We could (and sometimes we have) talked to you about camp for hours. But, we want this column to be written by our alumni, campers, staff and parents, to be shared with prospective families to help them make the choice if Tamakwa is right for them. There is nothing more valuable than real stories and lasting memories shared by you.

Please email us at and share today!

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