Nov 11, 2015

Why the names “Girls Dock” and “Boys Dock”?

You wondered… Why do you always say you are going to “girls dock” or “boys dock” when all campers have swimming lessons at the same place? Camp Director Margot Perlmutter has answers!

Good question and it’s true, we don’t really call them boys or girls dock anymore, but….way back when, girls and boys did their swim lessons at separate docks. Boys swam in the small area between Windsurfing and Canoeing and the girls went to what we now call, the main swim dock. Actually, as a fun related fact, many years ago, all CITs would go to boys dock one period a day to have their Bronze Medallion lesson. At the end of the summer an outside instructor would come into camp and test all CITs for their Bronze. It was actually a pretty hard test but a fun experience to share as a group. Now with our busy canoe trip schedule it’s not that easy to get enough hours into the summer to fully prepare all CITs for the test, but who knows, maybe we’ll try it again one year!

There are many aspects of Tamakwa that are special and quirky and often Tamakwans (new and old) find themselves wondering “What’s up with that?” After this summer’s SNL video ” What is this?” staring Rachel Drama and Joeley, our newest blog segment was born!

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