Nov 10, 2015

Getting Crafty on the Shores

Happy #TamakwaTuesday everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who has been sharing their photos on Instagram. It is so exciting to see so much #Tamakwa love online! Even when we are miles apart it feels like we are together.

Today’s photo is a tribute to our Arts & Crafts program. At camp, we have many different ways for campers and staff to get creative. Our Arts and Crafts room, complete with an amazing outdoor deck (AKA Art Deck-O), offers Tamakwans lots of space to get crafty. With traditional camp crafts such as Tye Dye, beading, bracelet making and painting, and so much more at Arts & Crafts, there is no limit of what you can make!

Click Here for more information about Arts & Crafts at Tamakwa and to see a list of so many amazing projects.

Share your favourite photo from Arts & Crafts on Instagram and be sure to tag with #TamakwaTuesday and we will repost them throughout the day. Happy posting!
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