May 15, 2015

Tamakwa Teaser Top 10

Have you ever found yourself standing around the playground listening to a bunch of parents talk about what they need to do to get their kids ready for overnight camp while you silently question if your child will ever be ready for camp?

For that matter, will YOU ever be ready for your child to go away to overnight camp? No two campers are alike and nor are any two parents. How you choose a summer camp differs from family to family, as does the decision on when your camper is ready to enjoy overnight camp.

The Tamakwa Teaser originated for this very reason – to help campers (and their parents) ease into the idea of overnight camp.

Top 10 Reasons to Try the Tamakwa Teaser:

1) The minute your camper steps on the bus they are taking a step forward in leaving home and gaining an incredible amount of independence.

2) Rounding the Tamakwa bend by boat and catching a glimpse of an entire camp singing our traditional “We Welcome You” song is a magical experience they will never get anywhere else and one they will end up dreaming about for 10 months a year!

3) Taking a tour of camp is a great way to see camp in action, but, sending your kids to actually LIVE and participate in that action is WAY better!

4) Trying an activity for the first time, without the watchful eye of a parent, can be incredibly rewarding and result in some fantastic stories for your camper to eagerly share on their return home.

5) Enjoying a meal in the dining hall, seeing the decades of rich history and tradition posted on the walls and listening to campers sing and cheer will instantly provide a small taste for Tamakwa’s incredible camp spirit.

6) Seeing and enjoying camp, even for a day, brings a lot of comfort and familiarity to campers when they eventually make that leap to a longer session. It is amazing to see that even a day at camp can quickly ease any negative thoughts and result in positive and excited thoughts towards being away.

7) Your child is in great hands! The Tamakwa Teaser is run by an incredible group of alumni including previous counselors of our youngest Junior Tamakwan campers as well as some fantastic parents who truly understand what it means to send your child away to camp and how this decision can affect both campers and their parents.

8) Breathe easy knowing that your child is having fun, being active and enjoying the amazing clean air of Canada’s most beautiful provincial park, Algonquin Park!

9) Smile knowing that your child is eating healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks including fresh fruit and vegetables, home baked goodies and even non-GMO treats!

10) Enjoy the fact that your child is away for the day in a safe, warm, nurturing environment filled with 80 years of incredible history and 80 years of non-stop outdoor fun.

If you aren’t quite ready to leap into one of our Junior Tamakwan 2-week or 4-week sessions or even our Weekend Mini-Session, then take a mini leap and try it for just a DAY on our Tamakwa Teaser!

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