Feb 11, 2015

Family Day Across Canada

Most of Canada will celebrate a holiday called “Family Day” this coming weekend. This holiday was first celebrated in 1990 in Alberta, when their Premier decided it was important for all Albertans to take some extra time with their families in order to emphasize the importance of family values.

In 2008, the Family Day long weekend has expanded almost nationwide. There are no presents, no Hallmark cards and no specialty foods. It’s quite simply a long weekend of good ol’ fashion family fun!

On the topic of the value of family time, below you will find a blog written a few years ago by Craig. While Nate and Molly have aged a few years, the blog is still incredibly relevant today.

We hope those of you able to celebrate Family Day have an amazing family-filled weekend. Please remember to turn off your phones and enjoy your time with the ones you love!


APRIL 7, 2013 – Just last weekend, I sat down on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to enjoy lunch with my two kids after a fun morning outdoors. My kids are only 3 and 5 so our conversations are always lively and incredibly entertaining. While trying to decipher a LONG story from my 5 year old, I glanced towards the front of the restaurant and noticed a family of 4 walking towards the table across from ours. To be more specific, what I noticed was the fact that the two kids, I’m guessing around 10 & 12 years old, barely looked up from their phones as they walked through the restaurant. Not glancing up for a moment to see if they might crash into a table, bump another patron or at the very least to see if they might know anyone else in the restaurant. I laughed a bit to myself and continued listening to my son’s exceptionally long, and now confusing, story.

A few minutes later I glanced at the same family now sitting down and once again entrenched with their technology. The kids now had their iPad propped up between them and they were fully engulfed by whatever was on the screen. Now this scene may not be particularly unusual in today’s day and age, but what really struck me was “THANK GOODNESS FOR SUMMER CAMP!” and suddenly this blog was born.

So why did I think this? Well, for many reasons. I truly believe, now more than ever, today’s youth need a break from technology. They need to remember what it means to sit at a table for an extended period of time with other individuals and actually TALK. Talk about their day, talk about what’s for lunch, talk about anything, just talk in real full sentences, not txt msg LOL codes, but really converse. I also remembered how excited I am when I step off the boat at camp, unpack my own camp bags, and tuck away my cell phone. Yes, if you want to reach me during the summer, you either have to WALK around camp to find me, call me on the office land line or simply wait until I am finished what I’m doing to ask me a question in person. The same goes for everyone at camp and we love it. If you want to know what activity your friend is signing up for, you actually have to walk to their cabin and ask them face to face, what an amazing concept! You know what else is amazing about camp? Campers actually WRITE letters home, real letters on real paper that take more than 5 seconds to reach their parents. If parents want to know what their kids are doing, they have to wait several days to decipher their chicken scratch and figure it out.

We’ve all read the articles in every major paper (and of course online) about the joys of summer camp and all that it does for our youth and no one believes this more than Camp Directors and now, after seeing that particular family that particular lunchtime, sitting silently together for an entire meal, I truly believe this even more… “THANK GOODNESS FOR SUMMER CAMP!”

So, the next time you are going about your day and see something that just makes you think “THANK GOODNESS FOR SUMMER CAMP!”, send us an email, or better yet, WRITE US A LETTER on paper with a pen, and we’ll share it with the world to see!

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