Feb 5, 2015

Freeze, You`re Busted

Dear Tamakwa Family, We are sad to inform you of the passing of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. John Fiddes, AKA The Fiddler, Fiddeus, Fiddlesticks, Big Bad John…

John was a one-of-a-kind camp personality with a huge heart that spanned over 5 decades at Tamakwa making an impact on generations of Tamakwans, young and old. Tamakwa and his friends at camp meant the world to John. He was the first person many alumni parents wanted to see on Visiting Days and he was the reason many campers wanted to sneak out of their cabins at night.

How many Tamakwans have a CIT Banquet all about them? Aptly named “Where in the World is Fiddes?”, John was beaming from ear to ear and gave a speech to a standing ovation when the CITs honoured him as their theme for his 25th Anniversary summer.

John and his mother Norma, now 95, took care of each other in the off-season counting down the days until John’s return to Tamakwa to be with his camp family and friends every year. John’s sister Beth was able to be at camp in 1988 when camp celebrated his camp Bar Mitzvah. John has been sorely missed the last few summers and will be missed eternally.

Libby, Ric, Marilyn, Sue and others were so close with John and he was a constant source of humour and love to them and so many Tamakwans. Hugs from John at the beginning and end of each summer will always be remembered as the warmest and strongest hugs of the year.

Countless postings, Fiddes-isms, stories and comments across social media already last night and today show how widespread he was loved by Tamakwans around the world.

There will never ever be as unique and as loving a person and personality at camp like John. We hope he’s enjoying “a pop”, “a smoke”, and some Pringles and we hope he knows the tremendous impact he had on thousands of campers and staff.

We will remember and love him forever.

Vic & Craig

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