Jan 28, 2015

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Winterfest is coming… this Sunday! While we are thankful for the sunny days we have been having here in Toronto, we hope you will join us in asking Wakonda for some Snow!

Thank you so much for those who have already replied to our invite. It’s going to be another amazing event as the guest list continues to grow.

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please click here to go to our Facebook Event page to do so.

Get ready for an amazing afternoon filled with skating, tobogganing (if Wakonda cooperates), hot drinks, yummy food, campfire treats and other great events.

Speaking of events: at 1:30pm, we will begin some great skating events and other outdoor fun. Hope everyone is ready to participate in some figure skating (or funny skating), speed skating, and maybe some Score-O accuracy shooting competitions.
Once again, our hosts respectfully request you leave your dogs, cats, beavers and moose at home… and be sure to remember helmets are mandatory to be on the ice.
See you on Sunday !!

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