Dec 17, 2014

Camp Tamakwa is Real!

Last year at a camp fair in Ohio, we were approached/mauled by a pair of overjoyed Camp Directors who were surprised to hear that Camp Tamakwa was real!! Of course we are real! They even said they watched “Indian Summer” with their entire staff during pre-camp training week every single year

However, after cruising through the internet, (which is always correct, right?) we saw why.

We have been working hard to remove the confusion, but below you will find some websites leading many to believe that Tamakwa is a fictional summer camp, featured only in the movie “Indian Summer“.

1) Click Here to see a list, in alphabetical order, of all fictional summer camps in films. **since notification, Tamakwa has now been removed**

2) Click Here to play a fun game, matching fictional summer camps to their respective movies.
3) Lastly, Click Here for the Buzzfeed list of fictional summer camps you wish you had attended.
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