Dec 3, 2014

How!How! to Matt and Sam!

We are always thrilled when anyone in the Tamakwa family gets married. When two people MEET on the sunny shores and fall in love, well that is extra special.

Matthew’s Camp Bar Mitzvah Night in 2007

If you love fashion and follow, you may have heard of menswear designers Samantha (Florence) Orley and Matthew Orley, the “2014 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund” finalists. But before they were designers, they were adorable Tamakwa campers Sam and Matt. Starting their Tamakwa careers in the early 90’s, they both arrived as JTs and moved their way up the camper world, graduating to CITs, counselors and then Matt was the Activity Leader for Windsurfing and Sam became the CIT Director. They enjoyed every aspect of Tamakwa and fully embraced that good ‘ol Tamakwa spirit, but just don’t ask them which one of them is the better windsurfer!

Of course this couple’s wedding is extra special as it joins two incredible families whose roots spread far and wide into Tamakwa history. Matthew’s grandparents met at camp in 1949 and both Sam and Matt have a wide-ranging family filled with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles who attended Tamakwa throughout the decades. The youngest generation of cousins still continue the family tradition as current campers and staff.

To get a glimpse of this fabulous couple, click here to see an amazing article about their beautiful wedding recently posted on

While we are certain this milestone event will be cherished for decades to come, we all know their second most coveted milestones were their camp Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, during the summer of 2004 for Sam and 2007 for Matt. How!How! from your entire Tamakwa family!

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