Nov 19, 2014

Tamakwans Lend Helping Hand

Each time we wave goodbye to a fleet of aluminum Tamakwa canoes we hope for many things.

I want to send a message of thanks to your counsellors Snaige, Sally, Gen and T.J. for coming to my assistance on the 750 meter portage from Laura Lake to McConnell Bay on Wednesday August 6, 2014. My group of eight were ahead of your camp group, and unfortunately I slipped off a log near the end of the 30 meter (best guess) bog, and my left leg was ‘cemented’ in place for about 20 minutes before I could free myself. While struggling to dig myself out, two of the counsellors stayed by my side, took my 44 pound canoe pack off me, and even volunteered to carry it for me (I declined). Later, I found out that your counsellors had assisted others in my group by doing two-man canoe carries past the bog, and also carried one of our food barrels. We did not have to ask, they were observant, strong, saw what needed doing and volunteered freely to help any way they could. My group was truly impressed by the maturity and leadership your counsellors exhibited.

We secured a camp site on the sandy McConnell Bay. A thunderstorm rolled through, and when your camp group did not show I knew it was because they were off the water until the storm broke. The camp site next to ours was available, so we ‘reserved’ the site for these wonderful campers and waved them in when they came around the corner looking for a site. The site quickly became a little village, very organized and clean, and the next morning our new ‘friends’ departed for more adventures.

On our 9-day Chiniguchi Loop we met several camp groups, but the maturity, skill, and leadership exhibited by Snaige, Sally, Gen and T.J. was never surpassed by any of them. Congratulations to you for selecting these fine people, and thanks to the four counsellors, you are amazing.

ORCKA certified Trip Leader

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