Nov 12, 2014

No Parents, No Make-up, No Worries

In today’s world of social media, gym selfies, and cyber bullying, very rarely do we hear positive things about kids using social media.

Those are some of the many reasons that Tamakwa has a firm no screen policy while at camp. Tamakwa believes that by unplugging for the summer, campers and staff will be more likely to connect face-to-face in real time. We can only hope when campers leave our shores they will take with them some of the values they have learned at camp.

After camp is over, it’s always fun to see campers interacting positively with each other on social media; mostly talking about their love of camp, and counting down the days until we are reunited on the sunny shores of South Tea Lake. When scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, we came across a wonderful photo of some very happy 49-er girls (our oldest female section), out in a canoe. Like most photos taken at camp, the girls were smiling, laughing and having an incredible time. What struck us most about this photo was the caption written below. ” No Parents, No Make-up, No worries. “

This is it! This is what camp is all about. Camp is so much more than tye-dyed shirts, braiding hair and playing games. Camp is a place where kids of all ages learn to discover their natural selves while enjoying time with friends in the beautiful, peaceful setting of Algonquin Park.

How!How! to Maddie, and all the incredible 49er girls in this photo for just being you!

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