Oct 29, 2014

Time to Get Outside!

There are many hot topics and key trends that emerge in society over the years and encourage parents to take a step back and evaluate the choices they are making for their children.

How to combat child obesity; the merits of smart boards in schools; to vaccinate or not to vaccinate; GMOs; organic and other food trends; the rise of ADD & ADHD in today’s youth; the rise of anaphylactic allergies. The topics are endless. The resources available are overwhelming and your “To Do” list of how to be a “better parent” is never ending.

So, if you are like me, you can easily get overwhelmed with the enormity of where to even start and how to possibly make a few good choices to help your kids. My good news for the day is that without even knowing it, you have already ticked off and implemented today’s hottest topic: Nature Deficit Disorder.

We’ve heard these three words before and we’ve all seen the stats. Today’s youth are spending far too much time with technology and far too little time outdoors being kids. A recent article by the Washington Post titled “10 Ways to get your kid out in nature, and why it matters” states that spending time in nature has tremendous health benefits, among them: improved concentration, a greater ability to engage in creative play, an aid to help treat mental illness (in particular ADHD and depression), and exercise that beats out organized sports with its hour-to-hour physical activity.

The article lists 10 ways you can incorporate nature into your children’s lives ranging from looking outside your window on your commute to school to playing in your backyard in lieu of playing an organized sport. I’m not saying any of these 10 suggestions are wrong but if you really want to combat Nature Deficit Disorder, just keep doing what you’re doing, send your kids to camp!

Tamakwa has been embracing and encouraging true, old fashioned outdoor play for 80 years. We don’t rely on fancy technology to excite kids. We rely on what we know best: how to appeal to kids, inspire them with the beauty of Algonquin Park, teach them how to be better campers and citizens and give them the freedom to run, have fun and enjoy being a kid. Tamakwa doesn’t strive to combat Nature Deficit Disorder. Tamakwa DOES combat Nature Deficit Disorder by continuing to be who we have always been for the past 80 years.

For those of you who are still sitting on your smartphone and haven’t jumped on the camp bandwagon just yet, don’t stress, give us a shout and we will help you beat Nature Deficit Disorder in a flash, your kids will thank you for it! You will thank you for it!

-Margot Perlmutter

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