Jun 4, 2014

Tamakwa Food Policy Reminder

WE ARE A PEANUT/NUT AWARE CAMP. DO NOT PACK ANY SUCH PRODUCTS FOR THE BUS RIDE TO CAMP. When putting the final touches on packing a few snacks for your campers ride up to camp, there are a few simple and straightforward policies which are in place for the safety of our campers and staff.

#1: We are a “peanut and nut aware” camp. Any candy, snacks or food sent with campers for their ride up to camp must be peanut and nut free.

#2: We do NOT allow food in cabins. Except for some snacks for the ride to camp, please DO NOT send food or drinks of any kind with your camper. We define this as “anything that goes in the mouth”, including chewing gum.

Click Here for further details on this policy incorporated into our Health Issues section.

Parents and campers please support this camp rule for everyone’s safety.

Also remember, ALL packages are checked for food/gum and any confiscated food is donated to Goodwill. We just ask that you don’t waste our precious time in Algonquin Park with your kids by trying to send food in packages.

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