May 21, 2014

Camp Mail for Everyone!

To Do lists are growing, labeling has likely begun and if you are really a go-getter, maybe you have even started writing a few letters and stashing them away until your kids hit the road.

What you really need to know is that you don’t need to go out and buy big fancy packages. Chachkas are exciting for a minute or two but then the novelty quickly runs out and your small purchase is left lying around the cabin and tossed out at the next daily cabin clean-up. In addition, sending excess packages can cause unnecessary competitiveness within a cabin and makes others feel badly. While we haven’t completely banned packages we are strongly encouraging you to send only letters or at most, a package a session. Keep in mind, all packages are opened and examined in front of our office staff. Hiding candy inside only wastes your time and money and makes campers sad when it is taken from them and donated to the Salvation Army.

A few quick tips for camp mail:

1) Packages must be thin, flat and bendable. NO BOXES, NO TOYS, NO FOOD, NO C.O.D, please.

2) PLEASE LIMIT THE QUANTITY OF PACKAGES. No camper needs a package every day or even every week. If you or other family members plan on sending packages to camp, please limit them to only 1 or 2 per session. (Also, please remember, we do not accept packages at the buses, only letters.)

3) Start mailing letters to your campers before they leave for camp. Mail can be slow getting to camp so start writing now…

4) Pre-addressed envelopes for your campers are a great way to ensure letters written at camp make it home to you.

5) Do NOT send US stamps, we provide all postage at camp at no charge.

6) Do NOT send dark coloured envelopes, especially red or pink. Our postage meter red ink does not show up on dark envelopes.

And finally, start writing now! It’s never to early to start writing, we will gladly hold any and all mail you wish to send early, so write, write, write!

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