May 17, 2014

Tamakwa for a Day!

The Tamakwa Teaser is a small taste (ok, maybe more like an itty bitty taste) of what residential summer camp is all about. Yup, it’s just one day in glorious Algonquin Park but we promise that, it’s a great, jam-packed day.

This day is sure to show off what makes Tamakwa so special.

You’ve hopefully read in previous blog posts that Tamakwa is a unique camp. We have many modern day features, outstanding activities and a premier canoe tripping program but what we truly pride ourselves on is our rich tradition, core values and tight-knit family atmosphere. We take the time to really get to know every camper and staff as well as our camp parents. We know choosing a summer camp is big decision and not always an easy one so we are here to help you in any way we can. This commitment to our camp families starts from your first call to our office and continues throughout your entire time with Tamakwa. So whether a camper is with us for just one day or for two weeks, they will notice our spirit and feel embraced by our family.

This year’s Tamakwa Teaser will once again be led by Tamakwa alum Nancy Steinhauer. Nancy attended Tamakwa for 15 years and was the principal at George Webster Elementary School in Toronto. At Tamakwa, Nancy was a camper, Drama Director and even managed to return last summer to resume her previous role as our Junior Tamakwa Director (in charge of our 7-9 year old campers). Her passion for children and commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for kids makes her the ideal person to spearhead this exciting day. Also helping Nancy this year are devoted alumni Marla Folbe, Michael Wortsman, Rob Storm, Jamie Wilson and recent Junior Tamakwan senior counselors Alex Milgrom and Hannah Manson.

Registration fee is $50 (includes transportation, three meals, snacks and taxes). Space is limited and just over half of the spots are filled so far.

Click Here to register for the Tamakwa Teaser or contact us at 416-924-7433 or

Register your camper now, bring a friend, spread the word and help give your child an experience they will never forget.

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