Mar 26, 2014

My “Mom View”

When you ask campers and staff who have spent a summer at Tamakwa what makes us different, one of the most popular answers is always, THE PEOPLE!

Whether it’s the entire camp heading down to the trip docks each morning to say goodbye to our departing canoe trips or the rowdy How How’s in the dining hall after the last camper achieves their white cap swim level, we all delight in the accomplishments of each other and celebrate as a family.

When I was in my 20’s and listening to parents talk about their kids, I was often told, “you’ll understand more when you become a mom”. I never really appreciated or particularly liked that comment but I gave a little shrug and kept listening. Well, now I am one of the luckiest women I know to not only be a mom of two amazing kids but I get to be a mom for 400+ campers each summer. Every camper and every staff that steps off our boat is part of our family, the Tamakwa family. Being a mom has brought an invaluable perspective to my job. Vic, Craig and I often say we wear many hats during a summer…the fun hat, the zany hat, the safety hat, the rule enforcer hat, the director hat and each one of us, during many discussions will often put on our parenting hat. We take a step back and think, “if this was our child, how would we feel”. All of these hats are what makes us appreciate what we do, respect one another and try every minute of every day to make Tamakwa the best it can be not only for our campers and staff but for our Tamakwa parents as well. To demonstrate our deep devotion to our Tamakwa family, we recently announced three new family-oriented initiatives:

FAMILY CAMP 2014: At long last, the return of Family camp! This will be the perfect opportunity for moms and dads to act like campers and enjoy the beauty of Algonquin Park with those they love most, their children. We love sharing camp with our kids each summer and now you can too! Click here for plenty of details about Family Camp: Friday, August 29 through Sunday, August 31. All Tamakwa families and friendsare welcome even if they have never attended Tamakwa. The more the merrier!

FAMILY DISCOUNT: Another comment I often hear from parents is, “you’re so lucky you run Tamakwa, your kids get to go for free!” Well, there are pros and cons to being a director’s child (I’ll save that for another blog) but for now, we want to give back to you. Beginning this summer, all families with 3 or more campers/CITs attending camp will enjoy a 5% discount on camp fees. An additional 10% discount will be applied for campers who attend only our second session.

TAMAKWA CINCH BAGS: Sometimes it’s nice just to get something totally for free! As we recently posted, our Tamakwa Cinch bags are in and are already being sported across the globe. These new bags are free for current campers, younger siblings, older siblings, and even parents of Tamakwans to use and enjoy. If you haven’t already contacted us to snag your Tamakwa cinch bag, feel free to give us a shout, we still have plenty to go around!

-Margot Perlmutter

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