Feb 14, 2014

The little Blog that could…

Food blogs, health blogs, workout blogs, home decor blogs, parenting blogs; there is no limit to what you can blog about or what already exists out in the incredible world of cyberspace.

It’s about everything we think summer camp is about. It’s about what makes Tamakwa special. It’s about what our campers and their parents need to know before they pack their bags for another incredible summer. It’s about sharing information that will help new Tamakwa families, or those not quite ready for summer camp. It’s providing comfort to new families before they leap into the world of overnight camp. It’s about all the amazing things we’ve learned over our years at Tamakwa. It’s sharing what information you NEED to think about before camp and what information you really DON’T need to worry about before the summer.

Yes, check your campers for lice BEFORE they get on that bus to camp. Yes, you really need to label EVERYTHING. Yes, your camper will survive, THRIVE and love being away from their cell phone for weeks at a time. Yes, your camper will make incredible friends that will last a lifetime. Yes, even though they are having the time of their lives away from home, they do still love you. And yes, giving your camper the space to grow and find their own way at camp really is the best gift you can give. Oh and yes, we will also share all those little important details like where our buses leave from and what time you need to arrive!

THIS is a blog for anyone that ever went to camp and dreams about returning. A blog for those that count down the days from the minute they left to the minute they return. It’s for anyone that has never been to camp but is dreaming about joining. It’s about family. It’s about tradition. It’s about majestic Algonquin Park. It’s about learning important life skills, social skills and activity skills. It’s about a safe haven away from the city. It’s about camp spirit. It’s about rich tradition. It’s about FUN. It’s about a home away from home.

It’s about Tamakwa!

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