Jan 22, 2014

A Different Budman & Green

My Tamakwa life began in 1986 and has now spanned across 4 decades, of course with a small hiatus in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Regardless of whether you were a camper or staff and regardless of whether you went for 1 summer or 13+ summers, one thing is true, you are immediately embraced as part of the Tamakwa family for the rest of your life. My parents, honorary Tamakwans, have been stopped on numerous occasions by eager, excited alumni who spot their Tamakwa t-shirts on beaches across the globe. Alumni email us to share of other Tamakwa sightings while travelling in far off places. While I don’t find it surprising to encounter Tamakwans around the world, I still do find it amazing how excited we get by each encounter. Each spotting is like a mini family reunion, joining us all by one amazing common thread. Through the many social media arenas it’s not hard to keep abreast of alumni sightings and activities and one would think we would tire of Tamakwa talk, but it just isn’t so. Every milestone, every accomplishment is embraced and celebrated. I recently visited Greenhouse Juice Co, a new juice bar in mid-town Toronto and was so proud to know that it was started by alumni Sophie Green. Of course, three days later, I watched the Golden Globes and was elated to see alumni Matthew Budman ON STAGE with the producers of American Hustle accepting the award for Best Picture. No, I had nothing to do with this movie, but yet, knowing that Matthew enjoyed so many of his formative years at Tamakwa filled me with an enormous sense of pride. I quickly took toFacebook, Twitter and Instagram and saw hundreds of Tamakwans feeling just as elated as I felt. Tamakwans all took a little sense of pride knowing we shared this common bond, the bond of a most unique and special place that changes our lives forever and unites us all for life.

-Margot Perlmutter

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